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Are you ready to have significant success in your financial planning career? At #YAFPNW, we want to help you get there! These episodes of the podcast will help guide you toward success, learn how to approach situations wisely and with confidence, and grow as a financial planner.

Defending the Fiduciary Standard

In the world of financial regulation, it’s easy for the voices of fiduciary financial planners to get drowned out. One of Skip Schweiss’s many jobs is to give financial planners the microphone, and raise awareness about the fiduciary movement both in Washington and in our public communication with consumers.

Building Non-Traditional Career Paths

This panel through TD Ameritrade Institutional with Charesse J Hagan, Kelli Cruz, and Heather Fortner offers fascinating insight on how non-advisor roles in the financial planning profession are evolving – and why they’re important.

Financial Advice: What Works and What Doesn’t

Dr. Moira Somers, author of Advice That Sticks, wears many hats. She’s a clinical neuropsychologist, professor, and executive coach whose work focuses on financial psychology. We’re honored to sit down with her today to discuss all things money and the mind.

Marriage, Money, and the Military

Andi Wrenn’s mission is to reach as many service members and their families as possible to help coach them through their finances to achieve their biggest life goals. More than that, she approaches each conversation with a mind to marriage and family counseling, which allows her to view financial coaching in a more comprehensive way.

Financial Coaching and Exceptional Planning

Saundra Davis believes that financial coaching skills and financial planning go hand in hand. As a financial planner, you may be completely confident in the guidance you give to clients - but feel frustrated and lost time and again when they fail to follow your...

Navigating Workplace Dysfunction

Krista Sheets and Sarah Dale from FPA’s Coach’s Corner are here on this week’s episode of #YAFPNW to talk about how to combat a dysfunctional workplace and build a people-focused team.

Unlocking Your Greatest Asset

Stephanie Bogan thinks it’s time for a breakthrough. Through Educe Inc., Stephanie works with countless successful advisors on elevating their career, focusing on their personal fulfillment, and changing the way they approach financial planning.

Growing With Your Tribe in the Financial Planning Profession

In this week’s unique episode of #YAFPNW, Hannah Moore, CFP® steps into the hot seat and is interviewed by the one and only Rianka Dorsainvil, CFP®. Tune in to hear Hannah’s story, and to learn how she came to be so incredibly passionate about the financial planning profession.

Getting Honest About Community Within Our Profession

Alex is a great example of what it means to step outside of your comfort zone, get involved and see the benefits of being involved within the financial planning profession. From networking, mentors, peers and finding job opportunities, Alexandria has discovered new opportunities for herself and better ways to serve clients.

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