Growing A Firm:

Growing a firm takes grit. You’ll be in the weeds working on your firm’s processes, marketing, sales, operations, and more. Luckily, you have the #YAFPNW podcast in your financial planning toolbox! These episodes will walk you through a wide range of business topics – all of which will help you successfully run and grow your firm.

Reinventing the Firm of the Future

James Matthews, CFP® joins us to share his unique background, from working at a bank and then a call center, and how each step taught him skills that he is using now to create a new model of financial planning.

Sales with Glenn Mattson

“Sales” is viewed as a dirty word, but Glenn Mattson wants to change that. Join us as we look at what sales really is and what we can do today to better our careers.

A Firm Owner’s Perspective

The best way to prepare to become a firm owner is to start thinking like a firm owner today and Tom’s insight will definitely give you a jump start on that!

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