Scott Kahan, CFPOn today’s episode, we are sharing Scott Kahan’s story with you. Scott’s story is pretty incredible on several levels.

Scott started his RIA 30 years ago when he was in his 20s, which also happened to be the same year he purchased his first computer. While it may seem he has little in common with young advisors now, that is anything but true. His story mirrors so many stories I hear everyday from young advisors starting out.

From day one, Scott was committed to providing the best service to his clients, regardless of their net worth. He started by helping his peers and continues to help those who don’t have the asset minimums that are required by so many. His retainer model was one of the first of its kind in the early 2000s and still offers couples financial planning at a little over $100 per month, if they don’t have the assets.

He started the CFP program at NYU when he was 27(!) and has been an advocate for young planners ever since then. As Scott said, he feels like he’s been where the young planners are now and can relate to the struggles we face.

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“It’s a different fee structure than most advisors out there – no matter where they’re working. So we have a story to tell… We are truly acting as a fiduciary on your behalf and here is our fee structure to back that up.”

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