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Congratulations to those who passed the CFP Exam!

The hours upon hours of studying after your 9-5 job, the constantly saying no to friends and family, the mind-numbing stress that comes when you think “what if I don’t pass?” – it has been worth it!

You have officially become part of the CFP family. You are now part of one of the noblest professions – financial planning. The trailblazers in our profession dreamed that one day people just like you would sit for and pass a test like the CFP. It’s really quite incredible.

And here’s the thing …. THE PROFESSION NEEDS YOU!!!

are going to carry the torch of the financial planning profession.

You are going to come up with the innovative ways to serve clients and change our profession.

You are going to allow planners to retire with confidence knowing their clients are going to be taken care of.

You are going to change your client’s lives.

You have so much to offer and this is just the beginning.


Passing the CFP exam is something that deserves to be celebrated and I hope you celebrate it well!


Yes, I know this may seem a little crazy, but passing the CFP exam is a big deal and I want to help you celebrate in whatever small way I can.
So, here’s what I want you to do.

Email me ( with your address and let me know you passed the exam.

That’s it.

You really have nothing to lose. 🙂


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