Did you pass the CFP® Exam this July? If so… it’s time to celebrate!

The financial planning profession is so incredibly lucky to have you. You’ve truly proven yourself the last few months. You’ve studied for hundreds of hours, made sacrifices in order to take more practice tests, and battled the stress that comes with preparation for this once in a lifetime exam – and you’ve come out on the other side, successful!

This profession is an important one – possibly the most important one. You’ve dedicated yourself to a lifetime of impacting the lives of your clients through financial planning, and your work matters. It will quite literally alter the course of families, communities and generations to come. 

Our community is better because you are now part of it. We need you, and all your unique ideas, energy and passion you bring to the table. You have the ability to help move our profession forward.

So, let’s take a minute to appreciate the work you’ve put in. Let’s celebrate the long nights, the third-pot-of-coffee mornings, the sacrifices made, the practice tests you struggled through, and the small wins you found along your journey. You deserve to live it up in this moment – and we want to help.

Fill out this form by July 20th so we can send you a gift and celebrate your success with you! 

Congratulations again, and welcome to our financial planning community!

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