What You Need to Know About Succession Planning

What You Need to Know About Succession Planning

Christine is the VP of Operations at FP Transitions, a business that focuses on helping advisors build a seamless succession plan that benefits founders and successors. We’re covering succession planning from the point of view of a lead advisor or founder and of a financial planner who might want to become a successor.

NexGen Gathering 2017 Scholarship!

We are excited to announce a NexGen Gathering scholarship through the You’re a Financial Planner, Now What?! NexGen Gathering has been one of the most instrumental events in my career. I’m convinced that I wouldn’t be where I am today without this event. It has...

Virtual Planning – FPA DFW Seminar

Casey Kupper, CFP® joins Hannah Moore, CFP® for the February FPA DFW You’re a Financial Planner Now What Seminar Series. Casey and Hannah discuss how Virtual Planning is being used now and how it will impact the profession.   “The emotional intelligence.....