Career Progression:

Are you on the path to growing your career as a financial planner? On the #YAFPNW podcast, we talk about developing a career path, developing your practice, and refining your practices. Don’t miss these episodes on progressing your financial planning career!

From New Planner to Partner-Eligible in 5 Years

Bryan Hasling, CFP ®, is passionate about building a network of financial planners who lift one another up. He’s focused on helping other financial planners learn how to foster community in their practices and with one another to thrive throughout his career, and as a previous San Francisco FPA NexGen Director.

Living in Beta

In this episode Jonathon Cameron and Glenn Downing of Cameron-Downing show us how they are living their lives in “beta.” They believe this phrase means always being willing to grow, improve, and learn – never the “final” version of themselves as business owners or financial planners.

Launching into the Financial Planning Profession

Emily Purdon started her career in 2016. She quickly realized that her CFP® certification and financial planning degree through Virginia Tech hadn’t really prepared her for the realities of being a planner – and she felt that the comprehensive planning she learned at her role with SBSB (Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney) was both exciting and beneficial to clients in a way she hadn’t imagine was possible.

Iron Butterflies and the Evolution of Financial Planning

Ben Coombs, CFP®, CLU, was part of the first class of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™. When he got started, nobody had jobs for financial planners. Now, he’s thrilled to see career paths developing. Tune in as Ben walks us through the evolution of financial planning through his eyes, and what he’s excited about in this profession’s future.

Venturing Into Entrepreneurship

In this episode with Stephen Rischall, CFP®, we’re focusing on what it means to run your own financial planning practice with a team. We’re discussing the ups and downs, the big wins and the challenges. Stephen’s story is incredibly inspiring, and his insights are spot-on!

G2 and the Importance of Continuous Learning

Lauren Stansell of Yeske Buie gets interviewed by our guest host, Alexandria Cole. Lauren wasn’t sure she wanted to be in financial planning and just several years later is on track to be partner at her firm. Tune in to hear her story and learn how she has been instrumental in creating and growing their Resident Program, a three year training program for new financial planners.

Internal Succession Plans and a Culture of Success

As more established planners plan for their own futures many young professionals are offered a succession plan as part of their career path. In this episode, Connor Koppa, CFP® walks #YAFPNW listeners through what it’s like to be part of a succession plan, what his ownership arrangement looks like at Focus Financial, and more.

Financial Coaching and Exceptional Planning

Saundra Davis believes that financial coaching skills and financial planning go hand in hand. As a financial planner, you may be completely confident in the guidance you give to clients - but feel frustrated and lost time and again when they fail to follow your...

Getting Honest About Community Within Our Profession

Alex is a great example of what it means to step outside of your comfort zone, get involved and see the benefits of being involved within the financial planning profession. From networking, mentors, peers and finding job opportunities, Alexandria has discovered new opportunities for herself and better ways to serve clients.

Supporting the Next Generation of Financial Planners

Kate Healy is a wonder woman whose life’s work has furthered the financial planning profession and served advisors in countless ways. It’s safe to say – she’s one of the leading voices in the world of finance, and she’s here to talk about advocating for new and diverse planners.

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