Welcome Professors

Dear Professor,

The work you are doing are fundamentally shifting the landscape of the financial planning profession and we are grateful. To build off the work you are doing, as a profession we have to do more in helping students transition into successful financial planning careers.

Seeing this need, we are building out resources that will help your students. We partnered with the You’re a Financial Planner, Now What? Podcast whose primary focus is the success of new planners. The weekly content targets the issues new planners face in the profession and shows how to resolve those issues.

Additionally, we’ve created a free online Facebook community called FPA Activate to help your students immediately connect and start building a professional network with other new professionals. Not only does this community connect your students with other professionals, it will give context to what they are learning in the classroom through the “How We Do What We Do” series which shows what financial planning looks like in practice.

Our hope is that you would consider integrating these resources into your coursework, specifically the Capstone Course. In the enclosed document, we outline specific ways we have seen professors engage with this material to set their students up for success.


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Podcast Episodes

What We Wish We Knew Before We Left
Four planners discuss what they wish they knew before they left their first job. This podcast focuses on the variety of documents all new planners sign when they start, what those documents are and what it could mean for them as they look to progress in their careers.

Ed Gjertsen – DOL Fiduciary
Ed shares a behind-the-scenes look at the recent fiduciary ruling, context to the professional landscape and what new planners need to know as they enter the profession.

Bill Simonet – Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome
Bill walks through his career path starting as a career changer to working with an insurance agency, an independent broker dealer and now as a Registered Investment Advisor firm. He shares the benefits and drawbacks at each firm and what new planners need to know before they make a decision on where they work.

James Matthews – Blueprint – Reinventing the Firm of the Future
Blueprint creates modern and appealing “community centers” that focus on providing financial planning advice that resonates with Millennials. Their model is local specific and will be expanding to cities across the country in coming years.

Sophia Bera – Gen Y Planning
Gen Y Planning was one of the first to offer a fully virtual monthly subscription model to Gen Y clients. Sophia is reimagining what financial planning to Millennials means and finding ways to add value that are new and exciting.

Cat – Fiscal Fitness Clubs – Mixing Fitness with Finance
Cat and her business partner started the Fiscal Fitness Clubs, taking a “Weight Watchers” approach to financial planning. Their services are used as an employee benefit for large firms and scale to provide financial planning to the masses.

Dick Wagner – The Most Important Profession in the 21st Century
The late Dick Wagner discusses what it means “To Think Like a CFP,” based on his seminal paper written in 1990 and what he views as “Financial Planning 3.0” and the future of financial planning. He shares why financial planning is the most important profession in the 21st century.

Dave Yeske
The 2017 P. Kemp Fain, Jr. award winner shares how and why he is passionate about financial planning. Dave shares more of his research based approach to financial planning and why that matters to the client. Dave gives vision to what the financial planning profession could be and how he applies his firm’s tagline “Live Big” to all areas of his life.

 A Day in the Life of an Aspiring Financial Planner
At 24, Matt Fizell shares his career story with new planners and how he realized his first job wasn’t the one he wanted long-term. He shares what he did when he realized that his passion for financial planning was waning and his advice for planners who are looking for jobs today.

Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown shares his top tricks on how new planners can find their first job out of college and keys to their success once they enter the profession.

Leighann Miko – This is My Dream Job
Leighann shares an in-depth look at her career path from finding her first job, realizing jobs weren’t a good fit, a failed succession plan and being let go. She shares the experience of what it meant to her and how she used those experiences to share what she is doing now.

Entering the Profession with Confidence
Hannah Moore shares her career journey and gives practical tips on what new planners can do to enter the financial planning with confidence.

Mentoring – Carol and Cat – Wiser Together – The Power of Mentoring
Mentoring can be critical to the success of new planners. Carol Craige and Catalina Franco-Cicero share their mentoring story of being matched together and what they’ve experienced as keys to mentoring success.

Ron Turner
Ron shares his career transition story and how he immediately started his own financial planning practice. Ron shares what he did before leaving his previous career to help set him up for success and finding clients. After having his financial planning practice for several years, Ron engaged with another financial planner and through that process transitioned his firm and career again.

Kirsten Ismail – Career Changes with Kirsten Ismail
Kirsten shares her career path from being a nanny to transitioning to financial planning. She shares her keys to success and how she embraces who she is to help her be a better professional.

Bill Simonet – Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome
Bill shares his career transition from being in the military to business insurance to financial planning. Bill walks through the three different business models he’s seen first hand and the pros and cons to each.

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