Athlete, Rebel, and Financial Coach

Lauryn Williams, MBA shares her journey as an athlete and three-time Olympic medalist including the advice she wishes she received when she started out when she was 20 and had endorsement deals to starting her own firm. Using her personal experience, Lauryn knew there had to be a better way to provide financial advice. After getting her MBA and passing the CFP® exam, Lauryn was able to find people who were willing to approach financial planning differently and build on those experiences.

Using her personal experience, Lauryn knew there had to be a way to provide services to people who were like her, both in terms of being an athlete and not growing up in an affluent home. She started her own financial coaching program and is exploring what it means to serve the mass market and those who don’t have the income or assets to pay for a traditional financial planner.

The work Lauryn is doing is so important to financial planning and I am excited for you to hear this episode!

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“If you find that rebel, lets say a college student fresh out of school, who has zero experience… don’t shame them when you bump into them. Instead, be the person to take them under your wing. We’re better when everyone in this industry is better.”

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Technology Solutions & Skills #fintech #worthdoing

Bill Bill WinterbergWinterberg, the founder of FPPad and one of the leading voices on technology in the financial planning profession, joins us today to discuss his career path, the life of an entrepreneur and the latest trends in technology. Bill shares openly about his journey, what he’s learned and why he has paused his weekly videos.

We also talk about how technology is changing the profession and what new advisors can do now to take advantage of those changes. Don’t miss it!

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“There are more and more technology solutions that advisors and planners can use in their businesses. The downside is, with more choices comes confusion about which is “best”. That often leads to paralysis by analysis.”

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Episode 22 – Networking

Lynn McIntireToday we have another recorded #YAFPNW meetup with Lynn McIntire from Cadent Capital. Our topic this meeting was Networking. Networking is one of the most advantageous skills to learn, both from a personal and professional standpoint. I can tell you from personal experience, it has been one of the things that has propelled my career the furthest.

I hope you enjoy this episode and would love to hear any feedback or ideas for future meetups!

We would like to thank The Milestone Group here in Dallas hosting us again!

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 “There’s a lot of value in cheering your peers on… and I don’t think we do that enough.”


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Your Money or Your Life

Episode 15 – Another Firm Owner’s Perspective

Alan Moore, MS, CFP®

This week we continue our discussion with firm owners to help young planners navigate their career paths. Our guest started his own financial planning firm and sold it, all well before his 40s. He is a XY Planning Network co-founder and champion of fee-only RIA practices that serve young people.

That’s right, our guest this week is none other than Alan Moore (no relation!) and in this episode he’ll share his story. If you’ve felt like a “square peg in a round hole” or just couldn’t sit still because you wanted to make your mark in our profession – this is an episode you wont want to miss!

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“Just because you’re working with clients doesn’t mean that money is flowing in… the one thing you can’t rush is time.”


Also, be sure to check out XYPN Radio for lots of great episodes for young planners!