Shaping the Profession: Growing Together with Academia

This week’s guest is  Dr. Nathan Harness,  the TD Ameritrade Director of Financial Planning at Texas A&M University. I’m excited to talk with Nathan about the past, present and future of financial planning. It is exciting to have an impact on the future of our profession and I hope young professionals continue moving our profession forward towards what it should be.

When we as practitioners partner with academia we can help each other build a stronger profession and ultimately help provide better outcomes for our clients.

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“If students can’t see that this is an opportunity for them then they are never going to be a part of it.”


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Processes – FPA DFW Seminar

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We’re back with the recording of the in-person FPA DFW You’re a Financial Planner, Now What series session on Processes. In this session, Lynn McIntire from Cadent Capital joins Hannah Moore to discuss processes and share what works with clients in their practices.

Thanks to everyone that came out and many thanks to the kind folks at  The Milestone Group and Bank of Texas Private Bank  for hosting us!

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“It’s color coded!”

The Path to Discovery by John Bowen, founder and CEO of CEG Worldwide


What is Financial Planning?

Elissa BuieWe are excited to have Elissa Buie join us to discuss what is financial planning. She owns one-half of the Yeske Buie firm which is on the front lines of pushing our profession forward.

Elissa sits on the Board of Trustees for the Foundation for Financial Planning, is a past Chair of the national Financial Planning Association and is a Dean for the FPA’s Residency Program. She has published multiple papers in the Journal of Financial Planning and in 2013 she was awarded the P. Kemp Fain, Jr. Award.

If that’s not enough, she has quite literally wrote the book (or at least 17 chapters) of the CFP Board’s Financial Planning Competency Handbook.

Understanding and practicing financial planning is what separates us from being an industry and being a true profession. I believe there is no one better to have talk to us about this than Elissa Buie!

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“Financial planning is something different and it’s actually magical. It takes a process, the relationship that’s built, and number crunching… and turns it into more than the sum of its parts.”

The Importance of Processes with Deborah Fox

Deborah FoxDeborah Fox, the CEO of Fox College Funding and the Fox Financial Planning Network joins us to share the importance of processes and how it can impact you, whether you are in a firm or have your own firm.

Deborah’s approach allows you to work on your business rather than just in your business and helps financial planners develop a systematized approach to working with clients.

As someone who is not naturally process driven, I have come to realize the significant value that processes have, both for clients and the business!

I hope you enjoy!

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“It was very important that I didn’t dictate how one needs to do business. I wanted to give possibilities.”


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Sales with Glenn Mattson

“SGlenn Mattsonales” is viewed as a dirty word, but Glenn Mattson wants to change that. Glenn has been a coach for financial advisors for many years and shares his experience in working with advisors. So much of the time, advisors, especially young advisors, avoid “sales” roles because they don’t want to sell.  Glenn debunks that myth and shares how important it is, even if you’re not in a sales role, to hone those skills (hint: it involves managing your boss or owner of the firm!)

Join us as we look at what sales really is and what we can do today to better our careers.

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Goals are not something you just write down and forget about… You need that 2 degrees of tipping point on why you’re doing this. You need that little push of motivation when it is time.

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Firm Operations & All the Moving Pieces

Dennis MooreSo often when I hear people talk about financial planning careers, they assume you want to be a lead advisor. Today we have Dennis Moore, who shares his career progression and how he transitioned from a financial planner track to an operations track within his firm.

Dennis also shares great insights on how to approach firm owners pragmatically, like he did to open a separate financial planning arm five hours away so he could pursue his MBA.

There is nothing more valuable to a firm than someone who is wired to be an operations manager or support role be in that position.


There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I think coming out of college and for my first few years in the profession, you really don’t see just all the moving pieces and what all goes into doing this.


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