Mixing Fitness with Finance

I’m excited to have Catalina M. Franco-Cicero, MS, CFP®  of Fiscal Fitness Clubs on the podcast. This episode will be the first of a three part series with Cat and her business partner Carol Craige. Carol will join us for the second episode and later the two will share their story together.

So today, Cat shares her incredible personal story from immigrating to the United States as a child to using her fitness and education background as the Director of Financial Wellness at Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America. Early in her career she had a vision for what it would look like to provide financial planning to the general public and she using background and life story to do just that.

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“We want to take money out of the closet. Let’s talk about it already. Come on. It’s stressing people out and talking about it can help you.”

XY Planning Network

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New Year, New Show?

Hannah MooreHannah Moore, CFP® and owner of Guiding Wealth Management goes from the interviewer to the interviewee. Charlie Moore, the person responsible for the weekly editing steps out and is the one to interview me. Hear how I got started as a financial planner, my tips on becoming a professional and thoughts on succession planning.

We enjoyed making this episode and hope you really enjoy it too!

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“YAFPNW (under Patrick and Trudy) was a place to hear why financial planning was so amazing. It created that thing that I aspired to be. It was one of the things that impacted my career the most.”

An Expert’s Guide To Starting 2017 On Solid Financial Footing

Episode 19 – Mike Mills

On today’s Mike Millsepisode we have Mike Mills who is 18 years into his financial planning career and started out on his own when he was in his mid-20s.  He has great insight for those who are starting their firm and shares his personal story of how experiencing a disability shaped how he approaches financial planning differently than others.
Mike also shares his beliefs about the “best is best” standard versus the “fee-only” standard. Don’t miss it!

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“If we’re out there providing our best advice, I don’t really care what kind of product I’m selling. At the end of the day, I’m solving problems.”