Athlete, Rebel, and Financial Coach

Lauryn Williams, MBA shares her journey as an athlete and three-time Olympic medalist including the advice she wishes she received when she started out when she was 20 and had endorsement deals to starting her own firm. Using her personal experience, Lauryn knew there had to be a better way to provide financial advice. After getting her MBA and passing the CFP® exam, Lauryn was able to find people who were willing to approach financial planning differently and build on those experiences.

Using her personal experience, Lauryn knew there had to be a way to provide services to people who were like her, both in terms of being an athlete and not growing up in an affluent home. She started her own financial coaching program and is exploring what it means to serve the mass market and those who don’t have the income or assets to pay for a traditional financial planner.

The work Lauryn is doing is so important to financial planning and I am excited for you to hear this episode!

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“If you find that rebel, lets say a college student fresh out of school, who has zero experience… don’t shame them when you bump into them. Instead, be the person to take them under your wing. We’re better when everyone in this industry is better.”

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Firm Operations & All the Moving Pieces

Dennis MooreSo often when I hear people talk about financial planning careers, they assume you want to be a lead advisor. Today we have Dennis Moore, who shares his career progression and how he transitioned from a financial planner track to an operations track within his firm.

Dennis also shares great insights on how to approach firm owners pragmatically, like he did to open a separate financial planning arm five hours away so he could pursue his MBA.

There is nothing more valuable to a firm than someone who is wired to be an operations manager or support role be in that position.


There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I think coming out of college and for my first few years in the profession, you really don’t see just all the moving pieces and what all goes into doing this.


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