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Bill Bill WinterbergWinterberg, the founder of FPPad and one of the leading voices on technology in the financial planning profession, joins us today to discuss his career path, the life of an entrepreneur and the latest trends in technology. Bill shares openly about his journey, what he’s learned and why he has paused his weekly videos.

We also talk about how technology is changing the profession and what new advisors can do now to take advantage of those changes. Don’t miss it!

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“There are more and more technology solutions that advisors and planners can use in their businesses. The downside is, with more choices comes confusion about which is “best”. That often leads to paralysis by analysis.”

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Firm Operations & All the Moving Pieces

Dennis MooreSo often when I hear people talk about financial planning careers, they assume you want to be a lead advisor. Today we have Dennis Moore, who shares his career progression and how he transitioned from a financial planner track to an operations track within his firm.

Dennis also shares great insights on how to approach firm owners pragmatically, like he did to open a separate financial planning arm five hours away so he could pursue his MBA.

There is nothing more valuable to a firm than someone who is wired to be an operations manager or support role be in that position.


There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I think coming out of college and for my first few years in the profession, you really don’t see just all the moving pieces and what all goes into doing this.


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Episode 11 – Moving the Profession Forward

Hannah MooreFor this episode, we take you inside the 2016 FPA Retreat to share a great conversation on Moving the Profession Forward through Young Advisors.

This conversation touches on examples of how young planners have been successful, what their firms have done to help them and an honest conversation between the younger and older generations about the struggles each faces.

Ever wonder what goes through a firm owner’s mind when a young advisor asks for ownership?  Be sure to listen to the end as one firm owner shares her internal struggle when young advisors immediately ask for ownership.

I want to thank everyone who was involved in this conversation who so openly shared their struggles and perspectives.  Conversations like this are what will help move the profession forward.

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“There’s a lot of humility that’s required in this… on both sides.”


Cassandra A. Humphreys, MS, CFP®

Andrew Sivertsen, CFP®, CAP®

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