Starting A Firm:

Starting a financial planning firm can be daunting! We’ve got your back. Tune in to these episodes of the #YAFPNW podcast to learn more about launching your own RIA, making good decisions for your practice from the start, and how to execute your unique vision.

Defining Success as a Business Owner

Chloé Moore has always known financial planning was for her. This episode will provide many valuable insights into how you can develop a career that helps you achieve your unique vision and definition of success.

Finding Your Fit in the Financial Planning Profession

Eric Roberge, owner and founder of Beyond Your Hammock, had a long journey in the financial planning profession. He shares his story and how he doesn’t regret testing out several different roles before finding the one that fit his lifestyle best.

What We Wish We Knew Before Starting Over

Bill, Katie, and Dave back to continue our conversation we started in last week’s episode. This week we discuss what we learned starting over at a new firm and even starting out on our own.

Networking, Vision, and Partnerships

Joe Pitzl, CFP® shares with us his career story and how “job hopping” helped his career and clarified his vision for the firm he now runs. Joe shares tips on how he got his first job out of college, what lead him to leave a great firm and the stops along the way.

Mixing Fitness with Finance

In this episode Cat shares her incredible personal story from immigrating to the United States as a child to using her fitness and education background as the Director of Financial Wellness at Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America.

The Evolution of a Practice

Todays’ guest is  Jude Boudreaux, CFP® from Upperline Financial Planning and he is a great example of what it looks like to leverage your experience to build a successful practice from the ground up.

Honest and Independent

Who else would be so crazy to study for the CFP® and an MBA at the same time? Katie Brewer! I’m excited that she gets to share her tenacity with you today!

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