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Positive Psychology in Financial Planning

In this episode we go over how to incorporate positive psychology into your planning with Dr. Martin Seay. Learning how to incorporate positive psychology into you practice can help to improve your planning, communication, and relationship with your clients.

Wiser Together – The Power of Mentoring

This is the last of a three-part series with Carol Craigie and Catalina Franco-Cicero of Fiscal Fitness Clubs. Carol and Cat were introduced through the FPA Mentor Match program several years ago and have since become business partners.

Silencing the Shoulds

Ken Donaldson joins Hannah on YAFPNW to talk about what financial planners can learn from counselors. Ken shares what advisors need to understand about their clients and themselves to be better advisors to their clients.

The Brave Millennial

Laura Youngkin shares what she’s learned about Millennials as well as how to approach negotiations well as young professionals.

The Importance of Research

In this episode Dr. Dave Yeske shares the importance of research for financial advisors. If we want to truly move forward as a profession, we have to be engaged with the research and let that help guide our work with clients.

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