In on the Ground Floor

Dan MauckDan Mauck is a Senior Financial Advisor and Director of Operations at Clintsman Financial Planning. Dan shares with us how working at Arthur Anderson early in his career helped shape him as a financial planner and gaining a much larger perspective than he had beforehand. When Dan moved from the big accounting firms to an RIA, he was the first hire and has helped the firm grow to 10 employees. Dan also shares some of his best career advice for planners who are looking to excel.

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“Your value is determined by the size of problems you can solve. If you want to be paid like the big dog, then you need to learn how to solve big problems. And If you’re only going to solve small problems then you have to realize there’s only so much market value in that and you’re going to see it in your pay scale.”

The Importance of Processes with Deborah Fox

Deborah FoxDeborah Fox, the CEO of Fox College Funding and the Fox Financial Planning Network joins us to share the importance of processes and how it can impact you, whether you are in a firm or have your own firm.

Deborah’s approach allows you to work on your business rather than just in your business and helps financial planners develop a systematized approach to working with clients.

As someone who is not naturally process driven, I have come to realize the significant value that processes have, both for clients and the business!

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“It was very important that I didn’t dictate how one needs to do business. I wanted to give possibilities.”


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Career Changes with Kirsten Ismail

Kirsten IsmailKirsten Ismail, Vice President of The Taylor Group, joins us for an interview where she discusses the challenges of being a career changer and entering the profession as a woman. She attributes much of her success to her study group thanks to the diversity and support of its members.

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“Do you want to be a part of something that exists or something that you want to create?”


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