Sales with Glenn Mattson

“SGlenn Mattsonales” is viewed as a dirty word, but Glenn Mattson wants to change that. Glenn has been a coach for financial advisors for many years and shares his experience in working with advisors. So much of the time, advisors, especially young advisors, avoid “sales” roles because they don’t want to sell.  Glenn debunks that myth and shares how important it is, even if you’re not in a sales role, to hone those skills (hint: it involves managing your boss or owner of the firm!)

Join us as we look at what sales really is and what we can do today to better our careers.

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Goals are not something you just write down and forget about… You need that 2 degrees of tipping point on why you’re doing this. You need that little push of motivation when it is time.

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CONGRATULATIONS on passing the CFP Exam!!


Congrats. You Did It. Congratulations card. Hand lettering. Vector hand drawn illustration.

Congratulations to those who passed the CFP Exam!

The hours upon hours of studying after your 9-5 job, the constantly saying no to friends and family, the mind-numbing stress that comes when you think “what if I don’t pass?” – it has been worth it!

You have officially become part of the CFP family. You are now part of one of the noblest professions – financial planning. The trailblazers in our profession dreamed that one day people just like you would sit for and pass a test like the CFP. It’s really quite incredible.

And here’s the thing …. THE PROFESSION NEEDS YOU!!!

are going to carry the torch of the financial planning profession.

You are going to come up with the innovative ways to serve clients and change our profession.

You are going to allow planners to retire with confidence knowing their clients are going to be taken care of.

You are going to change your client’s lives.

You have so much to offer and this is just the beginning.


Passing the CFP exam is something that deserves to be celebrated and I hope you celebrate it well!


Yes, I know this may seem a little crazy, but passing the CFP exam is a big deal and I want to help you celebrate in whatever small way I can.
So, here’s what I want you to do.

Email me ( with your address and let me know you passed the exam.

That’s it.

You really have nothing to lose. 🙂


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Serving Your Generation & Looking to Your Peers

Sophia BeraSophia Bera joins us today to share her story on becoming the financial planner for millennials.  Sophia saw the need to bring financial planning to her generation and was one of the first to create her own firm to do so.  She is one of the most recognizable financial planners on social media, in the news and shaking up what it means to do financial planning.

This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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“Financial planning is both an art and a science and more of an art than a science. People think what I do is math all day and what I really do is have great conversations with people.”

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Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best


The Importance of Research

Dr. Dave YeskeI am excited to have Dr. Dave Yeske on today’s podcast! Dave is the current Practioner Editor of the Journal of Financial Planning, past President of the national Financial Planning Association and runs Yeske Buie, a financial planning firm that is a national leader for best practices. To say his resume is impressive is an understatement!

Today Dave shares the importance of research for financial advisors. We discuss the research he did on Policy-Based Financial Planning, which has been implemented by many firms as well as how financial planners, especially young planners, can incorporate research into their firms.

If we want to truly move forward as a profession, we have to be engaged with the research and let that help guide our work with clients.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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If we can take some researched based approaches to helping  our clients affect healthy changes in their lives and in their financial lives… why would we not want to be using the most powerful tools for that.


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Transtheoretical Model (or Stages of Change) – Health Behavior Change
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The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge by Rick Kahler
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The Evidence Based Financial Planning by Dave Yeske and Elissa Buie
Evaluating Research Course
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