Episode 16 – Katie Brewer

Katie-Brewer-CFPWe are back and today’s guest is Katie Brewer, CFP®. She started Your Richest Life as a Fee-Only financial advisory firm to provide “honest and independent” financial advice to X and Y Gen clients. Katie is an proud member of the XY Planning Network, the FPA, and NAPFA. She has over 10 years of financial planning and she’s been quoted more times than any other young planner that I know.

Who else would be so crazy awesome to study for the CFP® and an MBA at the same time?

I’m excited that she gets to share her tenacity with you today and I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!

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“The more that you know about where your strengths lie.. the more that you’re able to know if it makes sense for you to start a firm…or partner with somebody else… or be a junior planner… or something else.”


Episode 15 – Another Firm Owner’s Perspective

Alan Moore, MS, CFP®

This week we continue our discussion with firm owners to help young planners navigate their career paths. Our guest started his own financial planning firm and sold it, all well before his 40s. He is a XY Planning Network co-founder and champion of fee-only RIA practices that serve young people.

That’s right, our guest this week is none other than Alan Moore (no relation!) and in this episode he’ll share his story. If you’ve felt like a “square peg in a round hole” or just couldn’t sit still because you wanted to make your mark in our profession – this is an episode you wont want to miss!

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“Just because you’re working with clients doesn’t mean that money is flowing in… the one thing you can’t rush is time.”


Also, be sure to check out XYPN Radio for lots of great episodes for young planners!

Episode 14 – A Firm Owner’s Perspective

Thomas E. Murphy, CFP®, AIF®This week’s guest is Thomas E. Murphy, CFP®, AIF®, the Chief Executive Officer at Murphy & Sylvest. He has kindly shared with us his insight into the financial aspects of running a firm and what young planners need to know from his perspective. Tom is an industry veteran of almost thirty years and active member of the FPA® – He’s a FPADFW regular and many of you have probably already met him.


The best way to prepare to become a firm owner is to start thinking like a firm owner today and Tom’s insight will definitely give you a jump start on that!

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“There’s a lot of difference between information on the internet and wisdom. Wisdom applies to that particular client and that particular client’s situation.”


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FA Insight

Mark Tibergien



Episode 13 – Blogging for Financial Advisors

Hannah MooreWelcome back to another episode of You’re A Financial Planner; Now What? I recently gave a presentation titled “Blogging for Financial Advisors” to the Dallas FPA NexGen group and we are excited to share that with you. You will also hear a little more about my story and how I use what I’ve written to connect with clients.

Blogging can be one of the best ways to market and promote yourself, but you have to know what your end goal is and some of the challenges you may face while blogging in this profession.  I hope you enjoy this episode and are encouraged to explore blogging for financial advisors.


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“I am not a natural writer at all but I wanted to learn… I know how important my voice coming out in writing is.”


A very special thanks to True North Advisors for hosting the NexGen meetup!


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