Episode 9 – Listener Letter “Feeling Stuck”

Dave GrantDave Grant is an internationally known planner from the Chicago-land area and in this episode he helps us to respond to an e-mail from Kristen, a financial advisor and listener.  She shared with us her story and struggles with feeling lost in the industry. I know there are far more people in financial planning that can relate to her, and her questions, than we might think.  This is a hard profession to break into, but it is worth it.

Thank you, Kristen, for the e-mail.  I hope you know that you are not alone and that you find your place in the profession.

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“In our day and age.. you see everyone’s good parts. You don’t see the struggle that people have gone through.”


“The dark side of becoming an RIA owner”

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Episode 8 – YAFPNW Meetup

Casey KupperThis episode features a round table discussion about career paths held on April 14th, 2016. The discussion is led by Hannah Moore, CFP® and Casey Kupper, CFP®, CFA®, a Wealth Advisor at Cadent Capital. As part of the discussion, Casey shares the story of his career path and succession plan.

I hope you see that there are many ways to have a successful career in financial planning and this conversation helps you as you navigate this great profession.

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“It’s always been my career path… it just took a little bit of time.


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Episode 7 – Partnerships

Rett Dean and Sean Kelleher

In this episode, Rett Dean and Sean Kelleher share insights from their partnership at Riverchase Financial Planning. What does a picture from the Grand Canyon have to do with their partnership? Join us as we discuss everything from their approach to sharing an office and servicing clients to how competition between 50/50 partners benefits the clients.

After hearing Rett and Sean’s podcast, I think young financial planners should seriously consider partnering with others when they start their own firms.

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We don’t just sit around and talk to each other all day.”